We are looking for collaborators
— people with ideas or knowledge to share; who want to make an impact; and who want to create communities.Become a Cultural Event Partner

Your partnership with KWENCH includes:

Access to our members, who represent a range of business owners, creatives, and entrepreneurs who are always looking to level up the way they work — from revenue generation to lifestyle, people and culture.
The amplification of your event through our channels (our newsletter of over 1000 subscribers, our 5K followers on social, and over 450 members).
A stylish, accessible, full-service event space that has been designed specifically for groups to meet with comfort and convenience.
Cultural positioning that raises the profile of your event. Located in a converted industrial space with a stunning contemporary redesign, KWENCH has been featured in Wallpaper, Frame and Nuovo.

Event Partnerships We Offer

Lunch & LearnLunch & Learn
Share your professional advice through some laser-sharp training in this hour-long session for the KWENCH community. Lunch & Learn hosts almost always generate new work and leave with greater awareness of their company.Fee: Free
What You’ll Get:
  • 1-hour of free space to host a pre-registered group from the KWENCH community.
  • Typically held in the Knowledge Boardroom featuring a large conference table, ergonomic seating, flooded with natural light and a credenza for in-room coffee and catering service.
  • Capacity: 16
What We Ask of You:
  • Avoid pitching — this is a learning event, not a sales pitch. Your topic needs to connect with and inform the audience.
  • Promotional assets: 1 social post + 1 event post
  • We recommend you provide light lunch or snacks for the group… it’s not required but no one learns on an empty stomach!
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Knowledge ShareKnowledge Share
A big idea, a new launch, or business insight that you want to bring to a larger audience. This is not a pitch but a fine-tuned exploration that will generate opportunity, exposure and influence for you and your company.Fee: Hourly fee, price to be determined
What You’ll Get:
  • Typically held in the Experience Room, a comfortable space that is closed from the rest of the club, with a capacity of up to 80 people or 56 seated.
What We Ask of You:
  • Promotional assets: 1 social post + 1 event post
  • Manage a ticketing link and share the list with KWENCH
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Show StopperShow Stopper
An electic mix of headline events that attract large, highly engaged audiences. From alternative offerings to talks featuring prominent keynote speakers, they are all ambitious culture-shaping events that bring something new to life.Fee Options:
  • Bar spend of $1000 (1-50 people)
  • Bar spend of $1700 (50-100 people)
  • Bar spend of $2500 + security fees (100 or more people)
What You’ll Get:
  • A comfortable, spacious, well-lit space that holds up 250 people
  • Availability: Monday to Saturday evenings from 5.30-11pm 
  • Creative and logistical support from KWENCH for bringing your vision to life
What We Ask of You:
  • Promotion strategy
  • Promotional assets: 1 social post + 1 event post
  • Manage a ticketing link and share the list with KWENCH
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How to become a Cultural Partner

Step 1:
Find out what opportunities we offer for you to host or co-host an event at KWENCH (above!). 

Step 2:
Align your event idea with one of our event types. Prepare a few notes about why your event is the right fit for KWENCH. (Eg. What is the offer or idea? Who is it for/Who would benefit from it? How does it align with KWENCH values and contribute to the club’s culture?).

Step 3:
Get in touch with our cultural coordinator through the links below.